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 Is not an incident ... Fatima is not

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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مُساهمةموضوع: Is not an incident ... Fatima is not   الخميس سبتمبر 12, 2013 6:39 am


Is not an incident ... Fatima is not

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Chance alone collected between the release of the book " our health care .. Our paths .. Our choices .. Our decisions , "a newly issued for three of the workers in the field of excellence , medicine and health services in Bahrain, between the death of the girl Fatima that have been covered extensively in the local newspapers , and took her case dramatically widen and crumbling . Between these two events extremes in the health field , there are quite a lot of contradictions similar to a general level, between the before and the applicable really on the ground, and this difference is what makes our ذهولا not Winnie turns into immunity Actions against shocks , and these immune come to the large number of bemoaning the situation public and private , frequent lamenting that turns with dry tears to a kind of apathy and lethargy , who in turn leads to the creek, and falling wills and determination , which makes a lot of people pay days, days , and years in years in a strange and suspicious , especially if issued by the people at the age of youth in front of them is still a lot of years to Ieihoha the assumption , chanting including whimpering like " Tgazzr " .
We have - as in many states similar - the most beautiful laws drafted tightly or semi -tight , but in any case, the practical life completely different from what is on the leaves, فوفاة a child in the hospital where he is supposed to receive care that is supposed to transmit the disease to healing , after making every care is sad and tragic , but it is not the first if at all , with wishes to be the last , but of course will not be the last as long as human errors contained in everywhere, even in the most prestigious hospitals in the world . As long as we read in the corners " Traúv " from global Kncian accidents scalpel in the belly of the patient , or make the process of the birth of a man by mistake .. But the recent incident has awakened the memory of quite a few of Bahrainis who have dealt with hospitals , public and private , and became stories of failure is solely lists and feel free to tongues, with the presence of tens of thousands of stories of success and excellence , but no one heeded because people consider that excellence and success is and natural foundation . But because the stories and incidents have accumulated over the years and decades , and without stops are real and serious and address the problem and siege , without interpretations and references to any factors other than a purely professional relationship ; the errors are likely to be repeated.
Our case is not related to medicine and health care, as , although it is probably the most critical as it pertains to human life , a life or death in the sights and tangible and painful too, because a lot also from the daily practices able to kill people when they were alive, kill their dreams and aspirations , through the dam doors in front of them , or humiliate to get their rights and access. Across Allowastat that make adhering to laws reviled idealism that did not bring him only mental illness and he sees organic not worth submit it , and assigned to positions not strong by the Secretary . While eat jealousy national lives and bodies of people they see financial irregularities and administrative committed in front of them and under Nazerém , they if they raised it to someone who is top of them thinking that they would stop worse, or in the hope of reform; Atkhvon they are but they يتخبطون in a quagmire of irregularities following through ignorance application of the law , or the inability of the application , or deliberate non - application, and the result is the same in all the options .
Lives die in systems educational , social and bureaucratic breed parrots can only hesitation is said to have what Taatlguenh , and equality which Taatlguenh minds recede where areas thinking analyst free creative creative , if Astmmeltha machines jamming and " Altgbeh " and alienation and dependency , which does not crave more than to see the crowds melt it sees fit , and tracking signals her hand wherever they went , there is a large proportion of those who like to live كالقطيع , and handed the reins of her for those who know , or claims to knowledge and insight more of them, so live crowd in the palm and let him and prolong the period of " vacation brain ." Man is different thinker , and us likes different ? ! Many of us want to people , knowledge , friends, wives , staff, children, parents, neighbors Ichbhonhm , agree with them, repeat today what they are doing yesterday , marching assured in the safe areas intellectually so as not to bother their minds to think and engage in order to get out of reality to what is the best .. Did not go out? " God does not change us."
Sngill today and Nnfl on the death of a child in the hospital and we are still in the process of investigation that will reveal once the truth of what happened , but what can we do in the morning when this incident delayed behind the latest incidents at the local level or the outside ? Is there anyone who will wipe away sweat and exhales as انحبس of inspiration in the chest by the besieged immediate because attention turned him ? In other words, we will live a similar experience - God forbid - and go other victims of the same reasons , or close to those went Fatima victim of her ? .
More penalties we we will experience one day , and please do not be soon. As I said that the case will not end access to the reason for the offending , but related to a social integrated accomplice to laziness and complacency and neglect and indifference , although the stars Allamat it, and despite the energies stored and wasted it , but if I saw the night sky , you Stmah Nujoma in the dome of blackness gloomy , something that can not be manipulated to achieve committees , nor an incendiary statements , nor " red eyes ," As long as the overwhelming sense of numbness is , we are dates with the doors of a new pain .
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Is not an incident ... Fatima is not
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