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 God is great victory for us on the right and the right Mansour Baden

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مُساهمةموضوع: God is great victory for us on the right and the right Mansour Baden   الأربعاء أغسطس 28, 2013 7:12 pm

Bahraini uprising ... Right waiting for victory
Network news: still violations continued repressive against the sons of the uprising Bahrain from the presence of the royal family reveal disadvantages true face , which exposes the practice of criminal of various kinds, Kalaatqal and murder is justified and the suppression of freedom of expression and many other arbitrary actions against citizens , the fact that this authority unfair double standards , it appeals to freedom and calls for human rights , equality and social justice on the one hand the countries of Foreign Affairs, on the other hand used this power all the means of violence, rape and repression at home , they contradict itself so that turn a blind eye for flagrant violations in her country, and the show itself a state of respect for human rights in front of the world, and this is reveals errors repeated this system, which does not have the slightest kinds of prudence and wisdom in dealing with current events , amid condemnation timid by some circles and human rights organizations , has expressed several human rights organizations, official and semi- official deeply concerned about the deterioration of human rights in Bahrain , and in fact shows that these crimes against humanity may not be accounted for now , but history - as proven experience - do not tolerate errant against their own people .
Denounces international organizations
Has said international organizations for the defense of human rights that support the Court of Cassation in Bahrain prison sentences issued by the 13 leaders of the protesters Bahraini shows that the judicial system in Bahrain defective and incapable of protecting the fundamental rights , the court upheld the discrimination Bahrain sentences ranging from five years in prison and life imprisonment was initially issued in a military court in June 2011 on the leaders of the protests in the rule could cause more unrest.
And across the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed deep regret at the decision of the court , describing the sentences as " harsh ," said Joe Stork , deputy director of the Middle East at Human Rights Watch , based in New York, " These provisions are puzzling in these cases did not mention nor a criminal offense and one clear but pointed to statements made by the defendants and meetings Houdrōha and their calls for peaceful protests in the streets in February and March 2011, " and went on to say ," proved to the Court of Cassation Bahrain's inability to protect the most fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Bahrain and international treaties signed by the country. "
The government says the courts of Bahrain independent despite the fact that members of the Al Khalifa family ruling Sunni occupy major government positions , including the Ministry of Justice and key positions in the judiciary, headed by a member of the Al-Khalifa, the Court of Cassation also Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain is headed by the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, in Geneva, said Cecil Boyle , spokeswoman for human Rights at the United Nations that it " regrets " for the convictions of these , although " the findings of a commission of inquiry Bahrain Independent and appeal to the international community regarding the judicial proceedings and allegations of torture ," she said Boyle in a news briefing , " these people political activists and human rights activists are concerned of the possibility of wrongly convicted because of illegal activities . "
And offered to International Commission of Inquiry problem of experts in law in November 2011 details of excessive use of force is widely including the confession under torture and recommended taking measures to stop such practices, and Amnesty International said that this provision is the most prominent " shortcomings " in the judicial system Bahraini though it is necessary to release the defendants , said Hassiba Hajj Sahraoui, Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa at Amnesty International "This decision confirms the view of many unjust to judiciary interested appease the government over the establishment of the rule of law and the rights of all Bahrainis ." According to Reuters.
The defendants denied all charges against them and say they wanted only democratic reform . They deny ties with Iran in these protests as Tehran denied involvement in the case, and put down the government with the support of Saudi troops and police from the United Arab Emirates protests and imposed martial law in March 2011. And thousands were arrested and accused were tried before military courts, and Bahrain says it is currently a package of political and legal reforms , security , education , media and other reforms .
But opposition leaders and described these plans as a formality and reformist protests continued albeit on a smaller scale , and police clashed with protesters on an almost daily basis and the two sides exchanged accusations over the violence and responsibility for failure to hold talks to end the conflict .
American apology
At the same level expressed the U.S. State Department expressed regret about the decision to eliminate the Bahraini support sentences for a number of senior opposition figures , within the so-called " Group of 13," expressing concern for national reconciliation in the kingdom, which is witnessing since the popular protests , said a spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department , Victoria Nuland , in response to a question about the latter provisions : "We regret the decision of the Court of Cassation and sentencing of the activists of 13, and we fear that contributes to these provisions to impose more restrictions on Harian expression and threaten the atmosphere of reconciliation Bahrain " , and followed Nuland said: "We have expressed repeatedly our concern about these issues at both the public and private sectors, and at the highest levels, and Houdena the Bahraini government to abide by its international obligations , also attended by observers from Sfratna in the trial , and therefore we call on the Bahraini government to fulfill its obligations to investigate reports of torture , including those made of defendants, and hold those responsible to account . " According to CNN .
The news agency Bahraini quoted Nayef Yousef , head of Prosecution that the Court of Cassation has issued rulings on appeals submitted to it by convicts as assigned to them by the kidnapping of police officers and cut the tongue of the muezzin during the events of early 2011, where she spent rejecting appeals all the support judgments against defendants , as quoted Abdul Rahman Sayed , the first attorney general , that the Court of Cassation has ruled on appeals submitted to it from the convicts in the case known as the " plot, " and thus became the convictions against them unqualified having exhausted all remedies .
Judgment on opposition leaders
The lawyer said that the Court of Cassation - the highest judicial body in Bahrain - upheld the sentences of 13 leaders of the protests in 2011 in the rule is likely to provoke further turmoil in the kingdom, said lawyer Mohammed Al-Jishi "The verdict final is subject to appeal. This is the last stage of the stages of litigation , "and denounced Wefaq National Islamic Society - the main opposition group in Bahrain - provisions and said its leader Sheikh Ali Salman told Reuters," this provision of support for the provisions of the military court condemned by the world. these provisions if we say it is political persecution .. this is an accurate description , "said Britain, other Western allies of Bahrain that the provisions hit " dismay deep " .
Said Alistair Burt , Minister of Middle East Affairs in the British government in a statement "in the time who was convicted in which these individuals indicated reports confirmed by the Independent Inquiry Committee in Bahrain that some of them suffered abuses during detention and denied access to legal counsel and forced to make confessions ," and added , " I call upon the Government of Bahrain to meet all its commitments on human rights and to guarantee their citizens basic freedoms to which they are entitled . " According to Reuters.
Among those sentenced to life imprisonment active jurist Abdul Hadi al-Khawaja and opposition leader Hassan Mushaima , who called to transform Bahrain to the Republic , and eliminates Ibrahim Sharif party leader promised exhibitions and Sunni only one of those convicted in the case, a term of imprisonment of five years, said Jishi that a number of foreign diplomats attended the court hearing , Wefaq said through Twitter for social networking on the Internet that a number of protesters gathered in front of the court in support of the leaders of the uprising .
Trial of prominent activist
On the other hand , such as activist Bahraini Syed Yusuf province for the first time before the court after three weeks of his detention, and was arrested activist who serves as vice president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights in the pool "illegal" last December , and postponed the case to 17 January / January and remained in custody since that time.
Under activist Nabeel Rajab, head of the center , was sentenced to three years " for his role " in the protests demanding democracy last year, and accused the province of using social media in the dissemination of " news misleading" and, if found guilty of this charge will face activist jailed for up to two years , the Bahraini authorities have detained activist province in November / last November for a period of 12 days against the backdrop of anti-government protests but was later released without charge . According to the BBC.
She organization Human Rights Watch, Human Rights for " حيرتها " With regard to the provisions issued by the courts of Bahrain and especially after the appeals court sentenced to long prison terms on activists without explaining the charges against them , said Joe Stork , regional head of the organization in the Middle East , told the BBC that " these provisions are part of the intimidation and silence practiced by the Bahraini authorities against militants , "he said .
IT news network - Sunday 13 / January / 2013 - 30 / zero / 1434
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God is great victory for us on the right and the right Mansour Baden
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